Princess Marie of Denmark: The Commoner Who Became A Royal

Before she became Princess Marie of Denmark, Marie Agathe Cavallier had a successful career and a complicated family life.

How did she meet Prince Joachim, and what was her life like before she became Marie, Princess of Denmark? Find out the latest news about the Danish royal here, and the history of her relationship with the prince.

How Old Is Princess Marie Of Denmark?

Princess Marie of Denmark is 43 years old. She was born on February 6, 1976.

Where Was She Born?

Princess Marie was born as Marie Agathe Odile Cavallier in Paris, France.

Where Did She Grow Up?

Princess Marie grew up in Paris and attended primary school there until 1989.

Where Did She Go To High School?

After her parents’ divorce, Princess Marie left Paris and studied at the Beau-Soleil International Boarding School in Villars, Switzerland. It is the oldest Swiss boarding school, and some of its notable alumni include members of the Luxembourg royal family and French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Who Are Princess Marie’s Parents?

Princess Marie’s father is Alain Cavallier, a retired advertising agency partner. Her mother is Françoise Moreau, the owner of the hotel Chateau de la Vernede in Avignon. 

What’s Princess Marie’s Relationship Like With Her Mother?

Princess Marie and her mother get along just fine, though their relationship with her mother went through a rough patch when her parents divorced. “Because of the divorce, my family was no longer the safe haven that I once knew,” the Princess said. “My father was very sad, and my mother had a new man I’d never met before. It’s no secret that I was not fond of my mother’s decision. I was actually very angry with her.” 

What’s Her Relationship Like With Her Father?

Her parents’ divorce didn’t diminish her love for her father. While Princess Marie moved with her mother to Geneva, Switzerland, she still cherished and missed her father, who remained in France. Although my mother has always been great to me, I’ve always loved my father very much, and I began to fantasise about getting away.”

Does Princess Marie Have Any Siblings?

Princess Marie is the only child of her parents, but she has four stepbrothers. Charles and Edouard Cavallier are her half-siblings from her father’s remarriage, while Benjamin and Gregory Grandet are her half-siblings from her mother’s second marriage. All five children grew up in Paris.

Does Princess Marie Have A College Degree?

Yes. Princess Marie has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Marymount Manhattan College in New York. She also studied economics in Geneva, and international business and economics at Babson College in Boston.

How Old Was Princess Marie When She Met Prince Joachim?

Princess Marie met the Prince of Denmark in 2002, when she was a 26-year-old working for the French advertising agency Media Marketing.

How Long After Meeting Her Did Prince Joachim And His First Wife Divorce?

The Prince and his first wife, Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg, got divorced on April 8, 2005 – three years after the Prince met Princess Marie.

Did Prince Joachim Have Any Children From His First Marriage?

Yes. The Prince and Countess Alexandra have two sons: Prince Nikolai, born in 1999, and Prince Felix, born in 2002.

When Did Prince Joachim And Princess Marie Begin Dating?

It wasn’t until 2006 that the royal couple started dating. By this time, Prince Joachim was already divorced from his first wife, and Princess Marie was an executive secretary in ING Numismatic Group.

When Did They Get Engaged?

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie officially got engaged on October 3, 2007.

What Was The Engagement Ring Like?

Princess Marie’s engagement ring is a gold ring set with a ruby, diamond, and sapphire. The colours of the gems resemble the French flag, a deliberate tribute by the Prince to Princess Marie’s French heritage.

When Did They Get Married?

Princess Marie got married to Prince Joachim on May 24, 2008. The fairytale romance was celebrated through a ceremony at Møgeltønder Church.

What Was Her Wedding Dress Like?

Princess Marie’s wedding dress was designed by Spanish-Italian Arasa Morelli. The traditional style featured a sweetheart neckline, dropped waist, and lots of Calais lace with a flower pattern. The long sleeves, draped skirt, and three-metre long train have made it an elegant choice that was a hit with royal observers.

Do They Have Any Children Together?

The Prince and Princess have two children together: Prince Henrik, born in 2009, and Princess Athena, who was born in 2012.

Did Princess Marie Get Plastic Surgery?

No. Though there was a rumour back in 2015 that the Princess had gotten breast augmentation in Lithuania. This rumour was printed in Her & Nu magazine, and the Danish royal family immediately printed a denial and demanded a retraction of the unfounded gossip.

What Did Becoming The Princess Of Denmark Involve? 

To fully assume the role of Princess of Denmark, Princess Marie had to renounce her French citizenship and become a Danish citizen. She also formally changed her religion, converting from Roman Catholicism to the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Denmark.

What Is Princess Marie’s Full Title?

Her full title is ‘Princess Marie of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat, RE’. ‘RE’ stands for Order of the Elephant or Ridder af Elefantordenen, Denmark’s highest honour typically reserved for royals or heads of state.

Is Princess Marie Pregnant?

No. The Danish royal isn’t expecting right now, although she and the Prince do have a recent addition to their happy family – an adorable Bichon Frise named Cerise!

Before falling in love with this snow-white pup, the family had another beloved dog Apple, who sadly passed away in May this year.

Princess Marie Is Very Low-Profile, But Still A Beloved Danish Royal

Marriages between royals and commoners can be tricky, but the public and the royal family have embraced Princess Marie wholeheartedly. With her dedication to promoting the French language, and patronage of various charities, she’s become an important part of the royal family.

Though people have tried to stir up drama between her and Prince Joachim’s first wife, it seems that their little family is quite happy and spend a lot of time together, whether at home or on vacation. We hope she continues to use her position to promote her advocacies!