Report: Queen Elizabeth ‘Preparing To Abdicate’

It’s common knowledge that Queen Elizabeth in Great Britain’s longest-reigning monarch in its history. But could her rule be coming to an end? Last year, one tabloid reported the queen was abdicating her throne.

Is Queen Elizabeth Leaving Her Position?
This time last year, New Idea claimed that Queen Elizabeth was making preparations to abdicate after last year’s Trooping the Colour. The “low-key” event couldn’t be held with its “usual pomp and ceremony” due to COVID.

One royal family biographer told The Telegraph that “the Queen’s reign is effectively over. Corona has practically put Charles on the throne

It’s because of that interview, New Idea claimed the queen was thinking of passing the crown on to Prince Charles. As Gossip Cop pointed out, the monarch worked from home. She appeared on video calls to British caregivers.

She still gave her Christmas address like she does every year. If the publication would have read the Telegraph interview a little further, it would have seen the paper’s praise of the throne, saying this was a “seminal moment” that showed “how quickly the monarchy has adapted to the coronavirus era.”

What’s Going On With The Royal Family?
The previously referenced royal family biographer was later refuted by The Telegraph, calling his statements a “gross underestimation of the Queen’s ability to adapt to challenges put in her path.”

It’s clear, even a year later, that tabloids will pick and choose whatever quote or the fact they want and trim it to fit their narrative, especially when to comes to the royal family

Since this story was first published last year, a lot has changed for Queen Elizabeth. First off, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle had another baby and are officially living in the United States.

The couple has infamously spoken out against the crown but has remained loyal to the queen, naming their daughter in her honor.

Her majesty’s beloved husband Prince Philip died in April. Despite a pandemic, family scandal, and death — all valid reasons to leave her position — Queen Elizabeth has remained dedicated to her rule.

New Idea has always touted the rumor that the queen would be stepping down. In March 2020, they claimed Prince William and Kate Middleton had taken over her duties during the coronavirus lockdown.

Similarly, a story from this April falsely reported that the queen’s oldest grandson had already been coronated, with plans for the current monarch to step down.

A report from May 2020 said her will had been leaked to the public, indicating that she was stepping down as sovereign.