Robert Sylvester Kelly associates Arrested for Threatening and Harassing his Accusers

Federal investigators on Wednesday reported the arrests of three alleged partners of R. Kelly, saying that they utilized harassment and threats to attempt to quiet ladies accusing the disgraced singer of molestation.

For over a year the artist born Robert Sylvester Kelly, 53-year-old, has been anticipating trail in a few states for alleged bad behaviours including molestation against minors and child pornography.

He has argued not guilty to all charges against him, which extend over the state of Illinois, Minnesota and New York.

In filings released Wednesday, investigators state three individuals from the artist’s circle such as Richard Arline Jr., Donnell Russell and Michael Williams have been involved with separate offers to silence Kelly’s informers in the New York racketeering evidence against him through intimidation, harassment and bribery.

They state tactics have included the burning of a vehicle outside a residence where one informer was staying, intimidation to release explicit photos of one lady, and a plan to repay one informer as much as $500,000 to influence her testimony.

“These wrongdoings disturb the conscience [inner voice],” said Homeland Security Special Agent in Charge Peter Fitzhugh in an announcement.

“The men charged today supposedly have indicated that there is no line they won’t cross to help Kelly with staying away from his alleged crime, regardless of whether it means revictimizing his informers.”

Kelly faces federal charges in two separate cases in Chicago and in New York connected to his alleged child abusment.

The artist known for hits like I Believes I Can Fly has a decades-long length history of abuse claims, particularly of underage young ladies.

The Chicago federal charges state Kelly filmed himself having intercourse with minors and that he paid potential viewers in his 2008 trial in which he was not guilty – to ensure their quietness.

He additionally faces bribery charges in New York that are believed to be connected to his marriage with the late singer Aaliyah when she was only 15 years of age.

That charge expanded on an earlier New York arraignment that incorporates racketeering, blaming Kelly for deliberately recruiting beautiful young girls while touring and pressuring them into wrongdoings tasks

The singer is set for trial first in New York, with jury determination as of now scheduled to be September 29.

Restrictions preventing in-person trials due to the coronavirus pandemic will probably observe that date delayed.