Whoopi Goldberg Leaving ‘The View’? Kathie Lee Gifford Joining? Shake Up Rumors At Talk Show

High on drama and turnover, it’s only natural that The View would carve out its own place in daytime talk and tabloid pages. The volatile talk show is constantly at the center of rumors about who could be joining or leaving the panel.

Back in 2017, the National Enquirer claimed that Whoopi Goldberg was politicking behind the scenes to get Tiffany Trump to join The View. A source said that she was “begging producers to tap Tiffany as a panelist to boost the struggling daytime show’s ratings.” Goldberg didn’t even know what Trump’s politics were, nor did she care.

An insider said, “She is young and beautiful, and even Whoopi knows the show needs more of that if it’s going to survive.” This story came about after Goldberg defended Tiffany Trump during “Hot Topics.” The story took that single segment and ran with it.

Back in 2018, Megyn Kelly Today was canceled after Megyn Kelly defended blackface. RadarOnline said a now available Kelly would head to The View. A supposed insider told the blog, “They want her as a full-time host. Execs are very hot on the idea.

They think she would be able to keep up with [co-host] Whoopi Goldberg and keep her in check. They think it would be blockbuster to have her.” It’s odd that producers of The View would think Goldberg needed to be kept in check, but that’s the least of this story’s problems.

This time it was OK! claiming to know who would join The View. Kathie Lee Gifford was, according to an unnamed insider, “lured back to showbiz by the producers of The View” because “she could really make the show sizzle.” Gifford was said to be “flattered” by the request, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to upend her life.

Gossip Cop held off on covering this story because, well, Gifford would be a natural choice to join the panel. Months passed with no news whatsoever, so the story could not be true. The View looks content with its current panel, and Gifford is happy in the new stage of her life.

According to the Enquirer, Goldberg was ready to quit the show because of all the infighting. A source said, “Whoopi is just worn out by having to manage the war of egos and over-the-top behavior on the show. She’s over Joy’s know-it-all attitude and Meghan’s bulldozer attempts to take over virtually every conversation and frankly, she doesn’t hold the rest of them in high-esteem either.”

McCain and Behar do regularly go at it, but Goldberg is a veteran of The View. There’s nothing new about these arguments, so there’s no reason she’d suddenly leave now. A rep for Goldberg who is actually qualified to speak on her behalf denied this story.