Law Graduate Says She Can’t Get A Job Because Of Her ‘Intimidating’ Beauty

A 33-year-old Russian woman says that despite her impressive qualifications, she hasn’t yet found success in her law career because of her “intimidating” good looks. The science journal Sex Roles has revealed that attractive women are more likely to be seen as less honest and less trustworthy, resulting in fewer employment opportunities, so she may not be wrong.

1. BEING BLONDE HAS WORKED AGAINST HER.Irina Kova told The Sun that she was advised by a recruiter to dye her blonde hair dark if she wanted to be taken seriously by employers. “Even during the hiring process, being beautiful gets in the way. I have a law degree and a great CV but my recruitment agent still told me to dye my blonde hair dark for interview.”

2. WHO KNEW LOOKS COULD GET IN THE WAY OF GETTING A JOB?The same recruiter told Irina that she could forget getting a job if she didn’t find a way to tone down her appearance. “She said, ‘You’ll never get a job looking like that.’ She was right too. After I colored my hair I got offered more work. I even started wearing clear glasses – although my sight is perfect – to look more professional. I’ve been made to feel terrible in offices. One boss told me I should stop standing out so much and learn to be more humble with my looks. I wasn’t even wearing high heels.”

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4. IRINA INSISTS SHE DOESN’T PLAY UP HER LOOKS.While it shouldn’t matter even if she did like to wear a lot of makeup and dress to the nines, Irina says she’s actually very conservative in how she presents herself in a business setting, but to no avail. “I rarely wear much make-up either – with my features, I don’t need to. When you have big lips and eyes you attract a lot of attention anyway.” She added that the same boss who told her to stop standing out tried to make her feel bad about herself. “I think this man wanted to have a corporate environment where everyone is the same and has a mortgage and three kids. He was basically implying I was too glamorous to fit in, so I ended up leaving,” Irina recalled.

5. IRINA HAS EXPERIENCED THIS EVERYWHERE SHE GOES.“Women don’t trust you and men don’t see you as a professional. Men never want to hire me,” she said. “I get it – that’s because they don’t want to be distracted at work. They would rather surround themselves with less attractive women who won’t take their mind off the job in hand.”

6. SHE’S HAD TO TAKE MATTERS INTO HER OWN HANDS.Because she can’t find traditional employment, Irina has had to come up with creative ways to make some cash. She’s started her own vintage clothing business and from the looks of her Instagram account, she may even have a modeling career in the works. “At least now I don’t have to rely on someone else’s opinion of me   – and whether my face fits,” she said.

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