WhatsApp will not Delete your Account but will Punish you for not Accepting new Privacy Policy

Just two days ago, WhatsApp had clarified that users will not lose their accounts even if they don’t accept the policy.

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy has got the people talking. With the May 15 deadline nearing, there is too much ambiguity around its privacy policy and new terms of service. The users still seem to be under the rock about the whole WhatsApp gimmick and the company is pretty much to be blamed for this. Just two days ago, WhatsApp had clarified that users will not lose their accounts even if they don’t accept the policy but now reports have stated that the users will lose access to some important features if they don’t accept the policy.

As spotted by Gizmodo, WhatsApp has updated in its FAQ page that the users will not lose access to their accounts but would not have full functionality until they accept the new privacy policy.“For the last several weeks we’ve displayed a notification in WhatsApp providing more information about the update. After giving everyone time to review, we’re continuing to remind those who haven’t had the chance to do so to review and accept. After a period of several weeks, the reminder people receive will eventually become persistent,” the FAQ page reads.

WhatsApp has listed the features it would limit if users do not accept new privacy policies despite persistent reminders. However, WhatsApp has clarified that this would not happen to all users at the same time.

So if you don’t comply with WhatsApp’s new rules, WhatsApp will stop you from accessing your chat list. However, it would let you answer incoming calls or video calls if you have notifications enabled. You can tap on them to read or respond to a message or call back a missed phone or video call. Things would change after a few weeks if you still don’t accept the new policies.

WhatsApp will finally do the most-dreaded thing- it will not let users receive incoming calls or notifications and then gradually stop sending messages and calls to your phone. While you might be relieved to hear that WhatsApp would not delete your account, stopping users from messaging or receiving calls is as bad as losing access to the account. Your WhatsApp account is absolutely useless if you cannot call or send messages to your contact list. WhatsApp has used a tricky way to retain its users and at the same time making them accept the privacy policy that will be rolled out on May 15.