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If you've fantasized about a farmhouse lifestyle minus the acreage and upkeep, you'll want to check out this mobile farmhouse.

nterior designers are masters at solving decorating dilemmas, coming up with.

When it came time to decorate her one-bedroom NYC apartment.

There are so many glamorous designs out there, and they all manage to leave.

For those of you who haven't had a chance to travel by yacht.

Turning your fireplace into the most beautiful part of your home is simple and easy, but it requires a lot of planning. Before you go ahead and buy the fireplace of your dreams, do the necessary measurements and analysis within the room before purchasing

You can use your unwanted Christmas tree to improve your garden, create spaces for your pets, or even help out at the beach.

Interior designers often turn to glass and acrylic furnishings in smaller rooms because their transparent lines prevent the interruption of the eye, causing it to perceive a less cluttered space.

A modest traditional home in Toronto was transformed into a spacious contemporary home designed for daily family life and entertaining.

“The truth is, a chandelier can be an amazingly cool decorative piece. Try hanging a colorful, smaller chandelier in a corner for a splash of color or rig it to a tall floor lamp instead of a boring lampshade.”

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