Everyone Looked Stunning at the ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Final Season Premiere

In case you missed it, Orange Is the New Black is ending, and I am not OK. I knew the end would have t come at some point, but I was hoping maybe it just wasn’t all true. However, seeing all the stars of the show attend the Orange Is the New Black final season premiere on Thursday night put it all in perspective for me.

One of my favorite TV shows is ending, yes, but at least it’s going out with a damn bang. Every single look on the OITNB red carpet was absolutely stunning. I stan absolutely all of these cast members with my whole damn heart.

I think one of the most entertaining aspects of the Orange Is the New Black final season red carpet is the fact that most of us are not used to seeing many of these incredible actors outside of their prison uniforms.

It’s always so interesting to me to see these women who I typically see wearing orange prison garb, minimal makeup (if any) and no professional hairstyles suddenly strut the hell out of a red carpet. Talk about a glow up. Some of these cast members might take a second for you recognize all glammed out for the premiere. But rest assured, this group is one to see.

The final season of Orange Is the New Black is now available to stream on Netflix today, so excuse me while I flip between binge-watching the show and staring at these red carpet looks. It’s honestly all kind of emotional, so I definitely won’t blame you for crying a little bit. We’ve seen these actors get incredibly raw on the screen, and now it’s the end of an era. Saying goodbye is hard, but we’ll have these photos forever, at least.

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