Discover Versace Home’s New Flagship Store In Milan!

Versace, the Italian luxury brand just opened the doors to the new home flagship store in Milan! Set in the heart of the Milan design street, this store is distinguished by fun and vibrant interiors, reflecting Versace’s exorbitant style.

Discover everything about Versace’s new luxury store, in collaboration with luxury Italian design brand Interni SpA, that is a true dream come true for design lovers!

Housed in a classic palace, Versace’s flagship was designed by the famous Vudafieri Saverino Partners, and the structure resembles a real home, also shares the aesthetic of Versace’s distinguished residences.

The luxury store features an entryway, a dining room, a master suite, and long corridors! Currently showcases Versace Home’s furniture designs, produced in partnership with Luxury Living, part of Lifestyle Design Group.

The purpose of the chosen domestic layout is to help one visualize exactly how pieces would fit their own homes! One of the greatest surprises in the Versace Home store is a secret garden, connecting to the outdoors and nature, perfect for those looking to upscale their outdoor space!

The luxury and opulent Italian style is written all over the flagship, white gold leaf accents can be found throughout the store, while statement furniture pieces take the center stage! Representing Versace’s unique texture explorations, fabric curtains have been replaced with wire mesh panels, adding an industrial sense.

When travelling to Italy, visiting Versace Home’s new boutique is a delightful stop for all design lovers, where unique interior designs pair perfectly with extraordinary textiles and luxurious porcelain décor.

The Milan store captures the vibrant and extravagant essence of the luxury brand!

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