California Cowboy Design Saloon Opens In San Francisco

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California Cowboy, the brand built upon the rebellious, free thinking “Cowboy” lifestyle of California natives, opens their first Design Saloon in San Francisco, California. Situated in Russian Hill, the railroad style retail space will showcase the California Cowboy collection of apparel as well as serve as the company headquarters.

Inspired by and crafted around the work-hard- socialize-like-you-mean-it lifestyle, the Design Saloon will be an appointed place for events and collaborations with other brands, creatives, and for social gatherings.

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Like the apparel line, the 1200-square foot space was designed to spark conversation with its unique accoutrements; a custom bar made from a salvaged bowling alley, a 12 foot tipi-fit-room hand painted by Mohawk artist Sosakete, and custom fixturing by Sebastian Parker. 

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We included poppy, fun elements like the hammock and the tipi to add visual interest while remaining functional for a space that will surely play host to a variety of events” says interior designer Chloe Warner. 

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The Design Saloon is open, located at 1841 Polk Street, San Francisco. Their flagship product, the High Water shirt, is a radically innovative take on the Hawaiian shirt. The California Cowboy brand concepts are inspired by daily experiences of the active Californian; after surfing, happy hour, or skiing

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