Latest about Father of Fashion Design; Christian Dior

Christian Dior is one of the pioneers of modern era elite fashion who started off in 1930’s and gave some of the finest designs that became a jewelry for the world’s top class fashion houses to display.

Today, Christian Dior caters to the fashion needs of all ages through its collections for women, men and babies by baby Dior. The exquisite clothing lines, accessories, perfumes, makeup, timepieces and even Dior phones are loved by thousands globally.

Currently, from the house of Dior we see many latest trends that are being loved by many and people are just going crazy to grab the Dior pieces. Here’s a look at something new yet something timeless and classy that are must haves for all the Christian Dior lovers.

Time Pieces

Dior Christal “8” is surely going to take your breath away. It pure black leather strap and exquisite dial is just spell-binding. The beauty of this Dior watch lays its tiny middle dial within the main dial which gives timings of all the important hubs of the world like Paris, Tokyo etc.

The Mini D De Dior is another timeless classic piece created by the house of Dior. The black strap with a heavily embedded dial studded with gold diamantes’ is a must have to tickle your fancy and make you feel special by wearing Christian Dior.

Chiffre Rouge A03 by Christian Dior is another spell binding beauty for your wrist. It has a Swiss made dial and its simplicity and solid black color with silver edgings make it stand apart for a modern day manly look.

You can also find different designs and looks further in these three categories which you will love instantly. Dior has a history of creating classic looks with highest quality. Therefore, you can safely opt for any Dior look in these watches.

Inspiration Dior

This is the newest collection by Dior for summer 2011 and this Dior collection was launched in Moscow in April 2011. It is for all those elegant ladies who mirror femininity by teaming it up with the artistic elements of the classic artists like Picasso and reveal it with their original beauty from the inside. This collection by Dior is a true celebration of art with femininity. Through this collection, Dior has actually completed every detail that a woman seeks for when dressing up. The perfumes, the dresses, the fine jewelry pieces and a lot more are just created to perfection by Christian Dior to match all kinds of dressing up needs of a woman today.

Therefore, just take a sneak peek into these latest trends and collections by Christian Dior and look put for the best ones for you to stand apart from other. Dior’s quality, class and timelessness are surely worth applauding.

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