Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week 2011/2012

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week 2011/2012The Mercedes Benz fashion week 2011/2012 will be held in New York from September 8-15, 2011. It is a splendid occasion where dozens of designers will present their fabulous collections on the ramp for the upcoming spring/summer season. Mercedes Benz fashion week 2011/2012 will be show cased at the Lincoln Center.

Mercedes Benz New York fashion week 2011/2012 is an IMG event, along with the Mercedes Benz and Olympus providing their sponsorships. Other mega brands will also be sponsoring this huge event to make it a success.

Mercedes Benz New York fashion week 2011/2012 is expected to live up with the teamwork of thousands of people from around the globe including fashion designers, makeup artists, hair experts, backstage management, event managers who will be taking care of the accommodation and seating arrangements of the attendees. Mercedes Benz fashion week is expected to be attended by over a 100,000 people and even more would be watching this mega event on their televisions. The whole event of the Mercedes Benz fashion week 2011/2012 will be covered by thousands of newspapers and magazines all over the world. The event managers have made special arrangements for the press to cover the event.
A lot of people will be offering their volunteer services at the event to help make it happen. Many students from the fashion schools and other upcoming designers, artists, fashion models and photographers will be working as volunteers in the event. This will help them learn a lot for their professions. They would get a chance to meet the celebrities and learn from their experiences. Many even expect to start-off their careers with any of the fashion house attending the event.

The schedule of the event will be published soon on the official website of the Mercedes Benz fashion week, showing the line of events and the designers that would be showcasing their collections on the ramp. The mega event is expected to include opening ceremony, fashion shows, after party at the end of the event.

Famous designers like Donna Karan, Diane Von Furstenberg, Vera Wang, Badgley Mishka and Marc Jacobs are expected to present their collections at the event. Famous fashion houses like PRADA, Dior, and GUCCI are also expected to showcase their upcoming collections.

We are looking forward to see a lot of style, texture and design full of colors and based on different themes. Some exotic collections that will catch the attention of the audience will be showed on the ramp. This event will be much talked about long after the event and the fashion magazines will be filled with the pictures and articles about the Mercedes Benz fashion week 2011/2012.

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