The Earnest Sewn Co. Introduces Men’s Spring Selvage Denim!

NEW YORK – March 19, 2012The Earnest Sewn Co. introduces Men’s Signature Selvage Denim for Spring.

The jean, made from Japanese Denim  produced exclusively for The Earnest Sewn Co., has “finished selvedges”, with the edges of the denim finished as part of the weaving process by the antique shuttle loom, preventing the edges from unraveling.

Bringing old-school necessities into new-school trend, The Earnest Sewn Co.’s Spring Selvage caters towards the true denim purist; at 14.5oz in weight, it is a true work of art. “Earnest Sewn has always stood for product integrity and this choice of Selvage is a true testament to our commitment to denim for people who love denim.

It’s a jean that guys should wear in without washing  for as long as possible and break into their personal wear pattern. Its a commitment but well worth it as the natural character of the Selvage will show after a few months,” says Creative Director, Benjamin Talley Smith. The unwashed Rigid Selvage denim is available in the classic straight-leg Fulton, and slim taper-legged Kyrre styles ($175-$198).

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