7 Bridesmaids Dress Trends You’ll Love

Mismatched gowns bridesmaids dress..

Every bride dreams of being the best and most beautiful woman on her wedding day and as a bride, looking your best is one of the biggest things you’ll want to prepare for before your big day but your bridesmaids should look great too. Here are some bridesmaids dress trends that you and your bridesmaids are sure to love.

1. Tea length 

Tea length Bridesmaids Dress

Tea length Bridesmaids Dress..

If you’re having a semi-formal wedding, especially an outdoor one, tea length dresses would be perfect on your bridesmaids. Tea length dresses have more of that laidback and relaxed vibe compared to full length gowns but they still have an air of sophistication to them.

2. One-shoulder neckline

one shoulder purple dress

one shoulder with floral appliques

Asymmetrical cuts and silhouettes are back on trend so if you want to inject a bit of a trendy vibe to your bridesmaids dresses, why not go for a one-shoulder neckline? They’re fun and fabulous and they look really classy and elegant as well.

3. Tiered skirts 

Tiered skirts  Bridesmaids Dress

tiered dress inspiration

If you’re going with a more romantic, say fairy tale like theme, for your wedding day, you’ll want your bridesmaids dresses to look romantic as well. Soft, flowy, slightly ruffle-y layers are perfect for creating that look. Try tiered skirts on long dresses for a lovely, feminine look.

4. Two-piece dress set 

Two-piece dress set  Bridesmaids Dress

Two-piece dress Bridesmaids Dress mix-n-match

On the other hand, if you’re going for a more hip, young, and trendy vibe for your wedding day, a two-piece set would make an exceptional choice. This is a more contemporary alternative to the traditional long gown that is just as sophisticated and chic.

5. Sheer overlay 

Sheer overlay Bridesmaids Dress

Sheer overlay on gray minidress

Another way to inject a romantic vibe to your bridesmaids’ dresses without taking the attention away from you. Sheer fabric overlay also adds a very lovely and girly vibe to your bridesmaids outfit which is perfect if they’re into dainty looks.

6. Flutter sleeves 

Flutter sleeveson bridesmaids dress

Flutter sleeveson bridesmaids dress..

For brides who want their bridesmaids’ dresses to complement the vintage theme of their wedding, opting for flutter sleeves is your best bet. Flutter sleeves have just the right amount of retro vibe to help your girls exude some of that old world charm.

7. Mismatched gowns 

Mismatched gowns bridesmaids dress

Mismatched gowns bridesmaids dress..

One more way to add an element of fun to the overall vibe of your wedding though your bridesmaids’ dresses is to opt for mismatched gowns. Let your bridesmaids go all out and choose a dress that will make them shine. Choose something that will still give their dresses a common factor like the length, the color, or maybe the fabric to be used.

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