Dolly Parton allegedly wants to get plastic surgery on her buttocks?

Dolly Parton, allegedly, wants to get plastic surgery on her buttocks. According to National Enquirer, Dolly Parton has had multiple surgeries throughout her lifetime.

But she recently noticed that her buttocks are sagging and want to make sure that they will look as plump as ever.

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“It’s true Dolly’s had every surgery known to man from facelifts to breast jobs and liposuction, everything that is except a Brazilian bum lift.

Now, she feels it’s time to do something about her droopy derriere. She’s jumping in butt first, you might say and hint everyone will soon see a new Dolly,” the source said.

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The insider added that Parton has two options right now. One is to go under the knife and get bum implants.

Her second option, on the other hand, is fat injections, which she thinks are better because they could last many years.

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However, the source claimed that Parton’s family and friends do not think she needs improvement on her buttocks.

“People close to her privately think it’s foolish to do that at her age. Dolly won’t be discouraged though. She’s hated her bum for the longest time. Part of the problem is she’s so skinny and her bum’s not only falling due to gravity, it’s flat as a pancake,” the source said.

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Parton’s husband, Carl Dean doesn’t, allegedly, think that his wife needs to worry about such silly things. After all, he loves her in any size or shape.

“But Dolly’s a perfectionist. Besides that, she knows what she wants and feels it’s money well spent.

Injecting a bunch of fat into her bottom won’t make it look round, plump, and tight. It will make it look saggier because the skin is unlikely to be strong enough to hold it up,” the source said.

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However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. As of late, Parton has not expressed any desire to get bum implants or have fats injected into her buttocks.

It’s unclear where the tabloid is getting all these claims about Dolly Parton from because they don’t have a single proof to support their allegations.

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