5 Reasons to Shop at A Local Jeweler

Regardless of whether you’re buying it for yourself or a loved one, fine jewelry is always treasured. Pieces of jewelry are often bought to commemorate core memories, and for this reason, most people invest in a good high-quality product. Sourcing your products locally is vital for the community; however, few individuals understand why they should shop for jewelry at a local shop.

This article lists down five reasons to encourage you to shop at a local jeweler.

  1. You Have A Chance To See The Product

Shopping at a local jeweler such as Mimi’s Jewelry allows you to see and assess the product’s quality one-on-one. Visiting your local jeweler gives you a chance to try the product in person. Furthermore, the jeweler will help you choose a product that best suits your test. Most local jewelers have experience dealing with jewelry, making it easy for them to identify the product you want and how it will suit your needs. In sum, at a local jeweler, you’ll have a chance to test the product for yourself, assess the quality, and see if it’s within your budget before making any final decision.

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  1. You Are Offered The Best Value

Most individuals associate high-end stores with getting incredible value, so they ignore local stores and just go straight to the known luxury brands. They are unaware that the quality of the products may not be that different.

Unlike local jewelry shops, big box jewelry shops offer substantial overhead prices, which often go unnoticed. Usually, this is because these big box jewelry shops use plenty of funds in marketing campaigns like digital advertising and magazine ads. By contrast, local jewelry shops depend on word-of-mouth promotion.

Additionally, high-end jewelry shops tend to spend much on staff due to the constant turnover of employees. These are some things you can’t encounter in a local jewelry shop. Pieces of jewelry at a high-end store often go through the hands of several individuals before reaching the customer’s hand. And with more intermediaries involved, the more expensive the product becomes. To accommodate these expenses, high-end jewelry shops will mark their product from 300% to 500%.

Most independent businesses are family owned. Yes, they have to cater to overhead expenses, but these expenses can’t be compared with those of a high-end jewelry store. Therefore, as you shop in your local jeweler, you’re guaranteed the best value as opposed to purchasing from a high-end store.

  1. You Get A Top-notch Product

When shopping at a local jeweler, you are guaranteed to have access to high-quality products that most big box jewelry retailers offer. Most of these high-end stores focus more on quantity than quality of their products. However, this is never the case when it comes to local jewelers. Since most local jewelry shops are family-owned, they’ll never want to ruin their reputation by selling low-quality products. This means that most local jewelry products are second to none.

In essence, most local jewelry stores focus on growing their business by creating good relations with their clients while maintaining a good reputation within their community, you’re always guaranteed to find the best products from them. This makes independent jewelry stores more mindful of high-quality products when looking for top-notch ones.

  1. You Receive The Best Service

You’re guaranteed top-notch service when shopping at your local jewelry shop as opposed to shopping from a high-end store. For starters, staff in high-end jewelry shops have little to no knowledge of the finest jewelry as most of these shops have a high number of employees. Furthermore, when training their employees, most shops primarily focus on sales techniques rather than giving them jewelry knowledge.

On the contrary, employees of local jewelry stores tend to long-term ones, giving them in-depth knowledge of quality jewelry. As a result, you’re guaranteed to get more in-depth knowledge on different jewelry from a local jeweler, allowing you to be a well-informed client.

Local jewelers will provide you with personalized services in addition to making you an informed customer. The main goal of most local jewelers is to create long-term relationships with their clients. As a result, a local jeweler will take a step further to offer you the best shopping experiences, ensuring that you’re happy with your product and their service.

Additionally, you’re guaranteed various services as a loyal customer of a local jeweler. For instance, various local jewelers offer jewelry cleaning services for life to their customers. And the best part is that local jewelers are more trustworthy, making them the best places for repairing your appraisals, watches, and even jewelry.

  1. You Can Trust Them

Local jewelry stores are often owned by a family living within your community. This creates trust as opposed to purchasing a product from an online store. As a customer, you can easily access the owner of a local jewelry shop, which enhances trust and creates accountability.

In most cases, contacting customer service is often a headache when you’ve got an issue with a product you purchased from an eCommerce store or a high-end jewelry retailer. As a result, you’ll end up waiting for a while before getting the hand of a representative.

However, you’ll never experience the same issue when shopping from a local jeweler. In case of an issue, you can stop by the shop or call the owner to help solve the problem whenever necessary.


If you’re looking for the best service and an excellent shopping experience, consider shopping at your local shop. Unlike most online stores, local jewelers are known for offering great prices, high-quality products, and good relations with their customers. This guide has detailed five reasons for shopping at your local jeweler if you had some reservations.

Anytime you shop at your local jewelry shop, the jeweler will carefully inspect the product and select only the best for you as they cherish and treasure their clients. Therefore, you can expect top-notch service and excellent products every time while making a great impact on the local economy.

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