10 Slow-Cooker Seafood Recipes To Come Home To

Lobster Dip

You know what sounds like a great dinner? Shrimp or other seafood steeped in a tasty sauce and simmered low and slow in a slow cooker. These recipes allow you to set it and forget it, so you can come home to something wonderfully aromatic and filling.

1. Slow-Cooker Clam Chowder

Slow-Cooker Clam Chowder

Canned clams and oysters makes this dish easy to prepare in a slow cooker with little fuss.
Get the recipe: slow-cooker clam chowder

2. Slow-Cooker Cajun Corn and Shrimp Chowder

Slow-Cooker Cajun Corn and Shrimp Chowder

Corn and shrimp just go together, and this recipe proves it.
Get the recipe: slow cooker Cajun and shrimp chowder

3. Slow-Cooker Low Country Boil

Slow-Cooker Low Country Boil

If you are observing Lent, you can simply take out the sausage. Using a slow-cooker liner helps keep cleanup a breeze.
Get the recipe: slow-cooker low country boil

4. Lobster Dip

Lobster Dip

Rather than lobster rolls, serve a creamy lobster dip in a bread bowl! Everyone can dive into the fun.
Get the recipe: lobster dip

5. Slow-Cooker Coconut Rice and Mango Shrimp

Slow-Cooker Coconut Rice and Mango Shrimp

Oh my . . . this recipe only calls for a handful of ingredients yet sounds so exotic. The best part is, it comes together in one hour in the slow cooker.
Get the recipe: coconut rice and mango shrimp

6. Slow-Cooker Seafood Stew

Slow-Cooker Seafood Stew

Shrimp, scallops, and crab claws cook up with potatoes and tomatoes for a satisfying stew.
Get the recipe: slow-cooker seafood stew

7. Slow-Cooker Garlic-Butter Shrimp and Quinoa

Slow-Cooker Garlic-Butter Shrimp and Quinoa

Once the slow cooker has fully cooked the quinoa, fold the raw shrimp inside of it. Continue to cook until the heat from the quinoa steams the shrimp. Genius!
Get the recipe: slow-cooker garlic-butter shrimp and quinoa

8. Slow-Cooker Chili-Lime Shrimp and Rice Bowls

Slow-Cooker Chili-Lime Shrimp and Rice Bowls

Craving some festive, fresh flavors? This rice bowl features onion, jalapeño, lime juice, and chili garlic sauce to spice things up.
Get the recipe: slow-cooker chili-lime rice bowls

9. Slow-Cooker Crab Dip

Slow-Cooker Crab Dip

Packed with umami ingredients giving it a rich, savory taste, this crab dip will be pretty difficult to stray away from.
Get the recipe: slow-cooker crab dip

10. Slow-Cooker Spicy Gumbo

Slow-Cooker Spicy Gumbo

Andouille sausage gives this dish heat, but if you’re abstaining from meat during Lent, sub other hearty fish like oysters, clams, and crab claws. You can then add a little more Cajun seasoning to amp up the flavor.
Get the recipe: slow-cooker spicy gumbo

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