Amy Winehouse’s last boyfriend married Meghan Markle’s girlfriend

English director Reg Traviss was able to find personal happiness.

Ten years later, after the English film director Reg Traviss was devastated by the death of Amy Winehouse, he found a new love. The singer’s last partner married actress and model Zita Teby.

The lovers met in 2015 on the set of the film “Anti-Social,” in which Meghan Markle played. The future duchess appeared in the main role of a friend-a model of a graffiti artist, and Zita in a cameo role, which film critics categorically did not like. Nevertheless, the girls managed to make friends with each other.

As it turned out, Travis and Teby played a secret wedding a year ago, but information about their marriage has only now appeared. The lovers arranged a modest ceremony at the Marylebone City Hall in London. The couple hid the relationship because they were afraid that Zita would be perceived not as a new love, but as a “replacement for Amy.”