Bella Hadid showed breasts, and Lily-Rose Depp slender body

bella hadid and rose lily depp
bella hadid and rose lily depp

Apparently, the heiress of the famous actor is inspired by the secular outputs of the model.

Bella Hadid and Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose, without a word, staged a battle of “naked” images. Each of the girls showed the audience their main advantage: Hadid – almost completely naked breasts, and Depp – slender legs.

To look adorable, Bella regularly plays sports. Even the scorching heat cannot make Hadid change his mind. The body reciprocates the actress – Bella looks great.

This time, the model dared to boast of neat shapes that even a pink top cannot hide. The photo was so frank that it seemed as if the breasts were now going to be public.


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Lily-Rose practically did not lag behind Hadid. On the street, the beautiful daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis sported short denim shorts and Cossack boots. In a similar image, Hadid herself was recently caught in the lens of the paparazzi right on the street.

On the Web, the commentators liked the appearance of both girls.

“Seriously?”, “And unbuckle a little sense of style for me, please”, “Our queens”, “Oh, this body, God”, “I think Bella’s top will just explode now”, “How much effort does it take to to look like that,” wrote the fans.