The Biden DOJ puts the Arizona Senate on notice over the Maricopa County audit (Bonus: Bamboo-gate explained)


The American’s Biden Justice Department has written a letter to the Arizona Senate knocking them on notice over “concerns that an audit and recount of the November election in Maricopa County may be out of compliance with federal laws”:
A “consent decree” of some kind may even be becoming:

Unnecessary to say, Arizona Republicans are unhappy about it:

But there are genuine apprehensions as to how the review is being shown that asked the feds in:

And it’s much clear now that the audit will not be ended on time and will have to be protracted in some way:

But, again, this increases major apprehensions concerning the security and of the polls and apparatus:

They’re working on this issue now:

As for the “bamboo” part of the tweet above, assessors are probing ballots to discredit a conspiracy theory that said fake ballots made on paper that contained bamboo fibers were shipped in from Asia:

They are just making efforts to discredit it:

Of course, libs aren’t telling you that part: