WATCH: Biden just asked WHY he wears a mask when he and everyone at WH is vaccinated, and his answer was TERRIBLE


Joe Biden was just asked by a reporter why he wears a mask so often when he and the people around him at the White House are all vaccinated:

After making a quick joke that went over like a lead balloon, Biden then claimed that it’s good policy to wear a mask inside. That’s it. No elaboration. No scientific explanation. It’s just good policy.

What the heck? That makes zero sense with respect to COVID because they are all vaccinated and protected from the virus.

Even Biden’s own CDC says that vaccinated people can be around other vaccinated people without masks or social distancing:

So why is this good policy if it contradicts the CDC? It’s not and Biden is just acting like an idiot.

In other Biden news, he literally laughed out loud this morning at the coverage of his terrible job’s report:

No, no, you should not be disappointed because this is exactly what you wanted. Socialism is great isn’t it? People completely uninterested in working because of higher-than-normal unemployment checks they are getting. Why should they want to work if the government is taking care of them? A safety net to catch people when they fall has been turned into a huge hammock, and it’s only going to get worse: