Britney Spears wants her father Jamie removed from conservatorship immediately

Britney Spears has asked judge to move up her next hearing date on removing her father Jamie as her conservator, accusing him of selling off her assets.

The pop icon’s attorney filed documents asking a judge to remove singer’s father Jamie immediately as her conservator for the sake of her ’emotional health and well-being, according to reports.

Co-conservator Jodi Montgomery is quoted in the documents saying Britney’s ’emotional health and well-being’ are being damaged by Jamie

As per reports, the singer’s attorney also claims there has been an apparent ‘dissipation of assets of Ms. Spears Estate, and that dissipation is ongoing.’

Britney Spears’ legal team previously stated their desire for Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Jason Rubin to take over as her conservator.