Why did Cardi B tweet a nude photo of Melania Trump?

Cardi B tweeted a nude photo of Melania Trump during her feud with Candace Owens, and here’s why.

Rapper Cardi B got into a momentous feud with political commentator and author Candace Owens this week after she criticised her performance of WAP at Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

During the argument, Cardi tweeted a nude photo of former First Lady Melania Trump to argue her point, and it might just be the best Twitter moment ever.

Here’s exactly why Cardi tweeted a naked photo of Melania Trump…

Cardi B tweets nude photo of Melania Trump

During a recent Twitter feud with Candace Owens, Cardi B tweeted a nude photo of former First Lady Melania Trump.

It all started when Candace criticised Cardi’s performance of WAP a the Grammys. The pair then argued back and forth on Twitter for hours before Candace said that Cardi was encouraging women to “strip themselves of dignity”.

Cardi then responded by posting a naked photo of Melania Trump. The full-frontal nude comes from a 1996 photoshoot published in a French magazine.

Alongside the photo, Cardi wrote: “No! Candy, men treat women on how a woman allows a man to treat them.”

Then, she said that she didn’t understand why Candace was so bothered by WAP and wrote “I was just inspired by our former First Lady” before explaining why Melania Trump is her “idol”.

“She showed me I can be naked, perform WAP and still be a First Lady one day ! … wait so only White women can be naked and show their sexuality and evolve in their 30s but I can’t ? Wow America is soo unfair. To think this was the land of the free,” she said.

Cardi deleted all the tweets involving her feud with Candace, but she then posted another photo of Melania to advertise her music.

“STREAM UP ON ALL PLATFORMS.. Candy DON’T like it but Melania B approves,” she wrote.

Twitter didn’t delete the nude photo

Cardi has now deleted the nude image of Melania Trump, but why didn’t Twitter remove it straight away?

Well, Twitter does have a non-consensual nudity policy, and anything that depicts nudity violates its terms and conditions.

However, a spokesperson for Twitter told The Independent:

“While the company has a non-consensual nudity policy that would see an account immediately suspended, images previously published with the person’s consent would not be against those rules.”

So, because Melania’s nude photo was made public with her consent, the photo did not violate Twitter’s terms.

This isn’t the first time Cardi has posted a photo from Melania’s 1996 photoshoot either, and she used it during a feud with political commentator DeAnna Lorraine in August 2020 too.