Courteney Cox and Brandi Carlile star in Courteney Cox’s first directorial music video, “Right On Time.”

Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox

The music video “Right On Time,” directed by Courteney Cox, from the album “In These Silent Days,” was unveiled on Wednesday, along with the album’s release date. Brandi Carlile appeared in the song video.

The 57-year-old actress shared the video clip on Instagram on Wednesday, explaining how the music video “resonated” with her.

“I am a huge music fan. I enjoy making music. “Music has a way of reaching out from the hearts of those who create it to the hearts of those who listen to it,” she wrote in the post. “‘Right On Time’ hit me like a ton of bricks.

It was a tremendous honor and pleasure to be able to create a visual journey around such an incredible song.”

Carlile, 40, was also thanked by Cox for “trusting me to work with you on making this happen.” The “Friends” star went on to say that she was a “fan” of Carlile before becoming a friend, adding, “it has exceeded my expectations…. I admire your talent, wit, and gentle, wonderful heart.”

Fans should listen to the music and watch the video, she said. Cox ended, “I hope it speaks to you the way it talks to me.”

“This made me cry,” Carlile remarked in response to Cox’s post. And you know how much I despise it—I adore you, Courtney!! You trusted in me even when I was frightened that after all this time, I could have lost how to shine. You’re a fantastic filmmaker!! I felt quite fortunate to have you.”

Carlile also stated on Instagram that the music album will be released on October 1st of this year.

According to Variety, Carlile said in a statement that the music album portrays many sentiments such as “resistance and thankfulness, righteous fury, and radical forgiveness.”

“Right On Time,” “You And Me On The Rock,” “This Time Tomorrow,” “Throwing Good After Bad,” “Sinners Saints And Fools,” “Stay Gentle,” “When You’re Wrong,” “Mama Werewolf,” “Letter To The Past,” and “Broken Horses” are among the ten songs on the album.

Carlile will kick off her tour on Friday and will be on the road until April 29, 2022.