Harry and Meghan’s “credibility” called into question

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s next gig will see them lead an expert panel on the dangers of social media for a special edition of TIME100 Talks.

But in the lead up to the event on Tuesday, the couple have seemingly come under fire, after critics questioned their suitability to lead such a conversation.

Following the announcement, PR expert Royal Tea took to Twitter to comment on the decision, which sparked a lively debate from fans all over the globe.

“The Sussexes are apparently ‘expert’ enough on this topic to lead an entire digital event – but how??” Royal Tea wrote.

“They’ve done very little publicly to establish real credibility outside of paid speaking opps and vague mentions of ‘conversations’ with actual experts.”

Responding to the comment, one fan wrote: “They have nothing but notoriety from leaving the Royal Family. They also have those titles that she hangs on to like a life line.”

Another person stated: “They do not have enough expertise in how social business operates to be touting changes they have no clue how to implement.”

A third added: “I’m interested to see their credentials listed whenever they’re booked to do some event. ‘The Duke/Duchess of Sussex’ is not a legitimate credential.”

Meanwhile, another stated: “Right now, money talks. And that’s all they have.”

Despite the backlash, several fans welcomed the news, with one person writing: “Who better to speak on this topic than two people who were bullied by the entire right wing UK media?”

Harry and Meghan’s upcoming appearance comes after the Duchess recently appeared at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Next Gen Virtual Summit.

The couple are set to undertake many more appearances after it was revealed they signed a lucrative $200 million deal with Netflix and the New York-based Harry Walker Agency.