Julia Roberts’ Husband Worried About Her Filming Movie With Sean Penn?

Are Julia Roberts and Danny Moder arguing over Sean Penn? With Roberts and Penn working on Gaslit, one outlet reports that Moder is seething.

‘Julia And Sean Caught In Sydney’

According to New Idea, Julia Roberts and Sean Penn “are heading to Sydney to film their very first movie together, Gaslit.” Danny Moder, however, “isn’t joining her Down Under for the months-long shoot, which has sparked new speculation their 18-year marriage could be going through a rough patch.” A source says that it’s telling that Roberts “didn’t try and get [Moder] a gig lensing Gaslit,” for then their family “could remain together.”

Moder “will continue working in the US, where the children are currently in school.” The cinematographer, a source says, is “not thrilled at the prospect of Julia and Sean being together in Australia for months,” as he’s “always had a bit of a chip on his shoulder about their close friendship.” Roberts and Penn “make [Moder] feel like a third wheel when they’re all together.” The article concludes by saying that “Danny and Julia’s marriage hasn’t been easy in recent years, but he is hanging on.”

What’s Going On

Tabloids constantly depict Danny Moder as a jealous person who cannot bear to see Julia Roberts interact with other men. Gossip Cop already busted Star for claiming that Moder and Sean Penn had a rivalry on the set of Flag Day. This isn’t even the first time we’ve seen New Idea make this bogus claim — we busted a carbon copy of this story last year.

Moder, Penn, and Roberts are all friendly with one another and have been for years. They’ve even done philanthropic work together. As for this supposed rough patch, Roberts recently posted a cute photo for her husband on Instagram.

Sean Penn is a family friend and professional actor who is collaborating with fellow professional actor Julia Roberts. Danny Moder has nothing to worry about, for shooting in Sydney is nothing new for this couple of 18 years.


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They’re A Common Target

Roberts and Moder receive some of the most preposterous coverage that New Idea has to offer. It claimed that Roberts was flirting with Matthew McConaughey at a table read, but that table read hadn’t even happened when the story came out. We busted a story about Roberts hiding in New York when the tabloid used a nearly six-year-old photo and acted like it was new.

This tabloid makes no mention of its story from December about Moder dumping Roberts via text, so clearly it has no idea what it’s talking about. There was also the dumbfounding story about Roberts wanting a baby with Richard Gere, so it appears this tabloid can’t discern movies from reality either. Roberts and Moder are still happily married, so this story is false.