Are they both dating? Kanye West and Candace Owens

For the first time in a year now Kanye West is single. He needs to be with someone who made his life back as normal before the divorce that was.

After Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s divorce chugs along many rumors are wondering who the two will date next.

A rumor is making the treads that West is dating controversial hidebound intellectual Candace Owens yet there’s naturally a lot of misinformation out there about his love life.

This week, some photos made the rounds of West galivanting about town with Candace Owens. This could be proof that the two could be dating.

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Owens and West were not hanging out this week, so the truth is that the story is completely false. In question, photos were from 2018. A spokesperson for West spoke at the time that there was nothing inappropriate going on.

Both West and Owens have a diverse past of sorts. Not long after these photos were taken, a story made the rounds that West confirmed Owens’ “blexit” campaign, which made black voters leave the Democratic Party.

And then Owens soon revealed that while West helped design some apparel for that cause, he wasn’t really in the camp. West personally denied having anything to do with that.