Kate Middleton Given New Title On Her 39th Birthday

British royal family news shows that today Kate, Duchess of Cambridge is celebrating her 39th birthday. And to show their appreciation of all she has done, Kate has been accorded a new title by the very people who adore her. As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, Kate acknowledged her birthday with a toned tone tweet to thank fans.

The Kensington Palace tweet read, “Thank you for your kind wishes on The Duchess’ birthday,” and included a photo of her in a facemask. “Birthdays have been very different in recent months, and our thoughts continue to be with all those working on the front line at this hugely challenging time.”

The tweet sent royal fans flocking to respond and an informal chorus rang out calling her, “The Children’s Princess.”

“You are a Princess of children’s hearts because you do a lot of good things for them,” tweeted one and then the flood began with one posting, “Happy birthday to The children’s princess!”

Another fan wrote, “Happy birthday to our wonderful Duchess of Cambridge! I wish you all the best because you deserve them! I hope you’ll have a lovely day with your adorable family and a great year what a thoughtful message! You’re an amazing role model to me and millions of people.”

The new title echoes the one bestowed on her late mother-in-law Princess Diana. Prime Minister Tony Blair dubbed her the, “People’s Princess,” after her tragic death and it still resonate today.

In 2020 Kate unveiled the results of her significant childhood learning study which is said to be one of her major ongoing projects. Thus it makes sense to refer to her as The Children’s Princess.

Royal watcher and language expert Judi James analyzed Kate’s message saying the direct, ‘stoic’ language used mirrors that of her grandmother-in-law the Queen.

“This very brief message on Kate’s birthday suggests a very responsible and adult approach to the recent crisis.”

“It provides a timely contrast to the current celebrity circuit which is busy treating people in lockdown to photos of expensive beach holidays abroad and the kind of party lifestyle that is out of most of our reach right now.”

“There was no need to use her birthday message to refer to the ‘hugely challenging time’ but Kate has clearly chosen to avoid any hint of personal celebration and adopt more of a ‘We are all in this together approach to her birthday.”