Khloé Kardashian Responds to Claims She Uses Diabetes Medication for Weight Loss

Khloé Kardashian is at the center of yet another bombshell accusation, and the year has only just begun. On January 3, 2023, the reality star uploaded a collection of photos from a new session on Instagram, showing off her toned abs in a tiny white crop top and a gold-plated little skirt. She also had a fresh new ‘do, but it wasn’t the main attraction, according to Yahoo.

“Fun fact: I wore clip-on bangs for this shoot. It was fun to give a different look and not be committed. I am surprised with how much I liked the bangs even though they changed the shape of my face. Would you ever get bangs?” the Good American co-founder wrote in the caption, but the responses she received weren’t quite what she was looking for.

“Ummm… so are we not going to talk about what actually changed the look of her face? Lol 🤥,” one comment read. “No babe YOU changed the shape of your face,” said another.

Several others accused the mother of two of getting her figure through the use of weight-loss medications. Specifically, Ozempic, a blood sugar-controlling medication used by type 2 diabetics.

“Ozempic ozempic ozempic ozempic ozempic ozempic ozempic did you have your shot to day?” one accusation read, while another simply said, “O-o-ozempic!”

“you cake yourself in makeup to workout in your own home at 6 am?? come on you’re not fooling anyone you’ve worked out for years and were never this thin and Kim certainly is not working out a lot! you’re both on diabetic medication! people in your industry have been speaking about it for months it’s not even a secret, your family makes millions influencing young girls you should have a conscience,” said another. “Save the Olympics for the diabetics who need it,” scolded a fourth.

According to GoodRx, Ozempic is only accessible as an injection, although the same medicine is also available as a tablet under the brand Rybelsus. Each prescription contains semaglutide, which causes food to stay in your stomach for a longer period of time, potentially reducing your appetite and contributing to weight reduction. There is also a larger dose of the active substance known as Wegovy, which is specially authorized for weight loss.

Unfortunately, a TikTok trend suggesting that these life-saving medications be taken for weight reduction has resulted in a drug shortage, making it difficult for those who actually require them to maintain their health to get them.

But, as Vanity Fair reports, Kardashian was quick to clap back in a now-deleted response. “Let’s not discredit my years of working out. I get up 5 days a week at 6 am to train. Please stop with your assumptions,” she reportedly responded to one of the countless comments, adding, “I guess new year still means mean people.” Kim Kardashian was suspected of using the same substance last year to help her fit into Marilyn Monroe’s dress.