‘Millie Bobby Brown Pregnancy Rumors: Fans Mistook a Video in Her New Instagram Video for an Ultrasound

Millie Bobby Brown has been on a tropical vacation with her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi, for the past several weeks, and she just released another lovely montage from the trip on Instagram.

However, unlike the other vacation photos, this new video has generated some misunderstanding among fans who mistakenly assume it contains a pregnancy announcement.

Aside from Brown dancing, scuba diving, and jet skiing, there are a few short clips of a beach with bioluminescent microorganisms—or microscopic organisms that create light through chemical processes within their bodies illuminating various locations within the dark seas.

When looking at Brown’s main Instagram grid, one of these clips is also the thumbnail for the video, and for some, this looked a lot like an ultrasound.

In many ultrasound pictures, the backdrop is completely black, with bright, often blue-tinted light highlighting the developing baby, according to Parade.

Brown’s movie is mostly black except for waves of bright blue in unique, organic shapes, so a fast glimpse may fool someone into thinking it’s an ultrasound.

Her romantic statement, I swear I’ve never loved u more,” a quotation from Bazzi’s song “Paradise,” which can be heard accompanying the footage, didn’t help either. Many followers looked through the comments to see whether anybody else had made the same error as them.

“Why the hell did I think she was pregnant?” one fan questioned. While some were shocked by the comments, others shared that they also thought that.

Another person explained what led to them thinking the same thing, commenting, “For a second I thought that the thumbnail was an ultrasound of a FETUS… am I alone on this? That scared me fr.”

Someone replied, “I was finding a comment about this thank God I’m not the only one😭😭😭.” Fortunately, everyone was mistaken, and Brown was simply enjoying nature as the rest of the video shows the couple having a fantastic, envy-inducing vacation.