Kim Kardashian Just Revealed This Heartbreaking Update–So Sad!

Kim Kardashian might not *officially* be a lawyer yet, but she’s already thinking like one. The SKIMS-founder has spoken out about her thoughts on a recent Supreme Court decision, following the court’s decision against making its ban on non-unanimous juries retroactive.

“I’m deeply disappointed by the terrible decision out of the US Supreme Court this morning deciding not to overturn their sentences and apply the unanimous jury requirement to their cases,” Kardashian wrote on Twitter.

The Supreme Court had earlier last year that a jury must be unanimous to convict a defendant of a crime, as required by the U.S. Constitution. However this week, the Supreme Court decided that it will not make this ruling retroactive.

This causes a serious issue for people currently convicted of a crime in which a jury was not in total agreement, as current law now states such a decision wouldn’t result in a conviction. And Kim Kardashian wants justice for those wrongly incarcerated.

She wrote on Twitter, “So a man in Louisiana’s prison system, Edwards, brought the issue forward and argued that his sentence should be overturned.”

Kardashian is referring to Thedrick Edwards, who was convicted of aggravated rape, two counts of aggravated kidnapping and five counts of armed robbery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was convicted by a split jury and is currently serving life in prison.

If the Supreme Court had made last year’s ruling on unanimous juries retroactive, it would have meant that Edwards’ conviction would be overturned and he would have been given a new opportunity to have his case tried.

Kardashian added on Twitter, “Last year the US Supreme Court held that in order to convict, a jury had to be unanimous with all 12 jurors agreeing on the verdict. However, they didn’t state if this applied to people who had already been sentenced.

“The US Supreme Court decided to hear the issue and we have been eagerly awaiting their ruling as there are over 1600 people who are in LA’s prisons that did not have unanimous juries- including Corey Miller.

“This doesn’t mean the fight is over! Corey’s legal team & I continue to work on his litigation & explore other options for relief, & are hopeful the Louisiana legislature will decide to make the unanimous jury requirement retroactive so he will still still get a second chance [sic].”

Corey Miller was convicted of murder, also from a split jury like Edwards. Miller, too, is serving a life sentence. Kardashian announced support for Miller last year and has been working with his legal team to challenge the conviction.

Kardashian is currently in law school and has expressed hopes of taking the bar exam in 2022 to officially become a lawyer. This type of career runs in her family – her father, Robert Kardashian, was an attorney and even served on OJ Simpson’s legal team in 1995.