Matt Damon Caught Flirting With Mystery Woman On Malibu Beach, According To Report

Is Matt Damon thinking of cheating on his wife after being photographed on the beach with another woman? According to this tabloid story, what looks like an innocent beach trip is actually part of a whole lust-filled narrative. 

According to Woman’s Day, throwing a football around on the beach constitutes a “beach flirt fest.” Damon was recently spotted at the beach “flirting up a storm with a stunning mystery woman” who is not Luciana Barroso, his wife. The tabloid says the couple “are fine,” although “no one thinks Luciana approves of this behavior.”

That behavior constitutes throwing a football around with a happy woman. The tabloid says this woman is “reportedly a bikini model,” though nobody actually can say who she is. She’s likely just a friend of Damon’s and nothing more.

The EuroTrip actor “is being encouraged by none other than long-time friend Ben Affleck” to ogle other women, apparently. Affleck allegedly told him, “It’s OK to look at the menu… just don’t place an order.” Underneath this metaphor, the tabloid is flattening all women in the world to objects of sexual desire for the Good Will Hunting stars.

None of the photographs from this beach trip imply anything other than an innocent beach day. Since all this tabloid has are these photographs without comment from any party, it can only be speculative and not to be trusted. What makes us bust this story, though, is that everything is fine between Damon and Barroso.

What this tabloid doesn’t mention is that earlier this month Damon and Barroso took a beach trip of their own with Affleck and Ana de Armas. There are some funny photographs here of Damon third-wheeling while Affleck and de Armas make out, but that’s neither here nor there. 

Barroso and Affleck have no underlying drama, and going to the beach is just something Damon does for fun. Not every beach trip is a sign of flirtation, as this tabloid would have you believe. Affleck was recently targeted by Woman’s Day when it said he was desperately working out to keep de Armas interested.

In that story, Affleck was a paranoid man in a midlife crisis, and in this story, he’s a confident bachelor encouraging Damon to lust to his heart’s content. Which one is it? As for beach rumors, this tabloid recently turned another beach trip into something it wasn’t.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner were spotted with Cooper’s daughter at the beach, which led to this tabloid saying that they were having “secret sleepovers.” Sometimes a trip to the beach is just a fun afternoon and doesn’t need to be flirtatious. This latest story about Damon flirting in the sand neglects to mention his love of the beach and is therefore untrustworthy.