Meghan Markle Intimidates Prince Harry; Duke Would Rather Do Videos Alone?

After the backlash the Duke and Duchess of Sussex faced for their controversial comment about the Commonwealth, Prince Harry delivered another speech the next day without his wife.

The 35-year-old Duke opened the AIDS 2020 Conference ceremony from the garden of his rented $18 million Los Angeles home. He gave a glimpse of the garden in the video.

According to a body language expert, Prince Harry looked “more comfortable” standing alone in his latest appearance, a contrast to a day before he appeared alongside Meghan Markle to deliver a message about racism to the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.

Judi James spoke to the Daily Star and said, “After an uncomfortable-looking performance from Harry, he was squeezed into the size of the frame and royally upstaged by Meghan, whose speaking skills are a completely different level.”

She continued, “Harry does look more comfortable speaking alone and center-stage in an outdoor setting.” James added, “Although Meghan isn’t in this latest video, I suspect she is probably still present as, in lockdown, it would be unusual for her not to get involved.” 

The body language expert explained that the father of one’s body language and presenting techniques were seen as “less anxious,” and doesn’t seem to be fidgeting as he waits for his turn from someone.  However, James suggests that is level of performance still suggests some discomfort. 

She explained that Prince Harry’s eye contact is more defined than it was with the Duchess of Sussex, but “he is making a speech rather than tuning into his audience as individuals, so he still looks camera-wary, with some micro-grimaces of his mouth hinting at how hard he’s trying to get it right.” 

Speaking of the Duke of Sussex’s gestures, James revealed that they are “more open” and with some small bouncing movements from his shoulder suggest that he feels “more powerful and energetic.”

Two Different Prince Harry

This follows after their video call, with Judi James describing Prince Harry looking like “a fish out of the water” beside Meghan Markle, and was later accused of disrespecting the Queen after urging the Commonwealth to “acknowledge their past.” They appeared on the video call to discuss equal rights with young leaders. He described that specific video as “awkward.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be seen standing next to each other. Judi James, speaking to OK! Magazine, the Duke of Sussex, was seen beside his wife, who expressed “calmly, passionately, and eloquently about a subject she can talk about,” while Prince Harry’s body language looked “awkward and reflective.” 

She said that Prince Harry also looked distracted, with his eyes slipping to the size or falling to the floor. Some of the Duke’s dipped head also suggested that he had a desire to hide or break his gaze away from the camera.  “He tries to join in once but then offers a ‘yeah’ to signal he’s on-message,” James shared. 

Prince Harry also looked so guarded in the video, James explained, “When Harry does speak he is restricted to one hand gestures, which compared to Meghan’s two-handed gesticulation, make him look guarded.”  James also suggested that Prince Charles’ youngest son’s eye movements also mean he might still be forming his words to get his message out. 

But Judi James said that the young prince’s awkward behavior could be the outcome of his wife’s comfort with public speaking. “It looks as though part of Harry’s problem could be that his wife is just too good in public speaking.”