Meghan Markle fans hit back at Brits and call for UK to be ‘blocked from internet’

Meghan Markle’s fans have called for the United Kingdom (UK) to be “blocked” on Twitter so the rest of the world can “enjoy” the Duchess of Sussex.

According to details, the appeal came after Meghan received backlash for her video appearance on Vax Live, a charitable event aimed at raising money for those the pandemic
In her video, Meghan spoke of gender equality, the importance of an equal, global, distribution of the vaccine and gender equality.

Moreover, the Duchess of Sussex also revealed that she and Harry will be welcoming a second child, stating the couple think of all women “who must be given the ability and support to lead” when they think of her.

The speech received some backlash from Brits who questioned her credentials for speaking on such matters. Some were rude while others made nasty racist comments, with several more suggesting Meghan should have remained quiet on the matter.

Meghan’s fans quickly jumped to her defense, and one even suggested the whole of the UK should be banned from Twitter so the “rest of the world” can “enjoy Meghan as their global citizen.”

The user wrote: “I wish more than ever that Twitter had a button to block an entire island so the rest of the World can peacefully enjoyed having Meghan as their Global citizen.”
Only one person stuck up for Brits, calling the tweet “rude.”