Prince William Worried About Kate Middleton’s Anorexia?

According to Gossip Cop investigates, Is Kate Middleton emaciated? This week’s story says that Prince William is worried that Middleton is losing weight as a means of coping through the death of Prince Philip.

‘Princess Kate Cracking Under Pressure’

According to the Life & Style reports that, as she and Prince William celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. Middleton has an eating disorder., the couple is reportedly secretly struggling. A source tells, “Kate’s so busy and overwhelmed that she picks at her food and rarely finishes a meal.”

Friends of Middleton have been concerned about her weight for years because not eating is her method of controlling tension. According to an insider states, “No one is more worried than William” for his wife’s weight. She’s gone from around 130 or 135 pounds down to around 110 or 115 pounds. The blame lays at the feet of Meghan Markle. A source says, “Since Harry and Meghan went out of their way to destroy the royal family’s good name. Kate’s been under an enormous amount of pressure to help save the monarchy, and the cracks are starting to show.”

The ensuing funeral, of Prince Philip, only pushed Middleton further over the edge which involved a reunion with Prince Harry, left Middleton even more exhausted.

Prince William has now reportedly hired a therapist to help her talk through her issues. A source states, “She hasn’t had a break since the funeral,” and everyone’s been too busy to help Middleton out.

Other Middleton Myths

We’ve exposed this outlet multiple times for saying Middleton was pregnant when she wasn’t. If it’s not calling her underweight, then Life & Style is inventing pregnancies. We also exposed its bizarre fan fiction-like story about Middleton’s birthday party.

It was rather strange and is just further evidence that this tabloid can’t be trusted. The tabloid completely planned a surprise party for Middleton that never occurred. Since Middleton looks the same as she always has, there’s no basis for alarm.