Nicole Kidman embarrassed by Keith Urban’s reaction during opera scuffle: Rumor

Nicole Kidman is, allegedly, embarrassed with how Keith Urban reacted following a recent altercation at the Sydney Opera House.

Days ago, Nicole Kidman and Urban attended an opera show and got into a scuffle with another opera goer.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban got into an altercation

The unnamed man swatted the actress while she and Urban gave the performers a standing ovation. The man was seated behind the A-listers and he asked them if they could sit down.

However, Urban, reportedly, refused and told the man that they’re giving a standing ovation as a sign of appreciation for the performers.

According to Woman’s Day, the accident resulted in Kidman getting into an altercation with the unnamed man.

Nicole Kidman furious with how Keith Urban reacted

While no charges were given, a source told the tabloid that Kidman is upset to see how Urban reacted to the incident.

“She saw an angry side of Keith that rarely comes out, especially in public. He’s usually pretty cool-headed except when someone is threatening or hurting his wife. She’s asked him to try to get a grip on his emotions since they are such public figures, and she doesn’t want anyone else to get any ideas of how to get a rise out of them just for five seconds of fame,” the source said.

However, the tabloid’s claims couldn’t be farther from the truth. Nicole Kidman wasn’t offended by what Urban did because he was just defending her.

What really happened

A source told the Sydney Morning Herald that Urban politely explained himself before carrying out clapping and standing.

“At this point, allegedly, the gentleman swatted Academy award-winning Kidman with his program, prompting Urban to accuse the man of assaulting his wife,” the source said.

Following the incident, the couple was escorted out of the Opera House. And the unnamed man was dealt with by the security team at the venue.

Meanwhile, a lot of things have been said about Kidman and Urban throughout the past couple of years.

Last month, New Idea claimed that Kidman is risking her marriage to Urban by agreeing to take on more projects.

However, this isn’t true because Nicole Kidman and Urban’s marriage isn’t on the rocks.