Prince Harry Happy That Interviews Criticizing His Royal Past Have ‘Gone Down Well’

Prince Harry is content with the consequences of his interviews, where he has discussed his efforts being a royal family member.

As per Katie Nicholl who is the royal commentator, Harry feels that his talk with Oprah Winfrey and podcast with Dax Shepard have “gone down well.” Harry knows that revelations will shock the British people and earn a backlash from the British press.

Ingrid Seward who is a Royal biographer and expert say that Prince Harry does not remorse openly talking about his indignance for his royal life. Seward thought that Harry is intended to rock the boat and is not the least bit flabbergasted about the upset responses from the U.K.

In both interviews, Harry criticized his father after getting a letter of financially being cut off from Prince Charles. He revealed that he had some mental issues, so he was not a good parent to him and his elder brother Prince William.

At The Truman Show, he compered his royal life with the zoo. He reiterated yet again that the reason he quit this life was so he could find peace and stop the cycle of pain and suffering so his children will not grow up in this environment.

Harry’s most recent statement about the future king of England that they are calling for the removal of his title, as well as his wife’s title.

The royal courtiers claimed that they are confused about Harry’s disgraceful betrayal of his own family, especially towards his grandfather beyond the grave. They said if he doesn’t like his title then he should stop using Duke of Sussex with his name. Instead, the couple agrees of removing His and Her Royal Highnesses next to their names.

Though, royal expert Duncan Larcombe accepts as true that Prince Harry felt remorseful and uncomfortable by his revelations and is feeling more confused than ever about what he wants for his life. As per Larcombe’s insider sources who indicated that Harry felt “numb” since he has damaged the royal family. The Duke of Sussex is due back home in the summer for the unveiling of his mother’s statue but his plans to reunite with William for this event have yet to be ironed out.