Meghan Markle, Prince Harry all set to welcome baby no.2, ‘can’t wait to start new journey’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are taking the world by storm after their family plans came out in the open. 

A source recently revealed that the Duke and Duchess are looking to expand their family with a newest addition in their family very soon. 

This decision has come after Meghan and Harry settled into their new California abode in Montecito, Santa Barbara.

“Now that they’re comfortable in their new home and everything else in their lives is locked in and going well, Meghan’s told Harry it’s baby time,” the source told Us Weekly.

 “She’s ready to be a mom again and can’t wait to start the process!” the insider added. 

Meghan and Harry got married in May 2018, and have an adorable one-year-old son named Archie. 

“Meghan loves being a mom, and seeing how happy and complete Harry is with Archie by his side is richly rewarding for her,” the source said.

 “Meghan’s confident a second child will be perfectly manageable on a practical level and will bring them even more love and joy. She and Harry are both really excited for the next phase of their family journey,” they further went on. 

The couple moved into their permanent house last month and have settled well into it. 

“Meghan wanted them to find their footing with Archie first, and also get the big move out of the way and know where they were going career-wise,” the source mentioned. “Once all that was in place, she gave Harry the go-ahead.”

Following the recent breaking about the Sussexes’ updated family goals, royal fans have been sending in congratulatory messages ahead of the start of a new chapter in their lives.