Why Prince Harry’s friends stayed quiet while Meghan’s spoke out, author suggests

Royal circles are reportedly so close-knit that Prince Harry’s friends are unable to speak out in support of the Duke of Sussex because they’re friends with Prince William too and can’t “go against one or the other”

It’s has been claimed that Prince Harry’s friends have stopped quietly over his royal split but Meghan Markle’s have expressed out because the Duke shares friends with Prince William. Forcing the Duchess of Sussex’s past Suits stars to come to her defense, as well as long-term friend Jessica Mulroney, Meghan, and Harry’s sit-down discussion with Oprah Winfrey.

Friend Chrissy Teigen defended the Duchess Kim Kardashian’s, because of calling her kind and “really wonderful.” Publicly, Harry’s pals have done little to defend him because Royal circles are so close-knit that Prince William shares the same friends like him. Author Michelle Ruiz commanded Harry’s “circle has remained quiet.”

Mr. Ruiz stated: “While friends of Meghan, including Jessica Mulroney and Lindsay Roth, have spoken out in her defense, many in Harry’s circle have remained quiet because they’re friends with both princes.” Before the Oprah interview, Serena said Meghan is a “selfless” friend who “teaches” her “every day what it means to be truly noble”. Prince Harry’s friend and former British Army training partner, Dean Stott, continued that the pals wouldn’t have been able to “go against one or the other.” Mr. Scott told Vanity Fair: “You can’t go against one or the other.”

And before the Oprah interview, Martyn Compton, Harry’s former Army comrade, told The Sun: “As Prince Harry ’s friend and someone who has served alongside him, I’m shocked and amazed it’s all come to this.”