Queen Elizabeth II gracefully pinned Prince Harry

At first, the Duke of Sussex did not understand the catch.

In 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they wanted to step down from their duties as members of the royal family and plan to leave the UK.

The public was shocked, and Elizabeth II decided to pin up the negligent grandson.

The Queen promised to make a farewell gift to Prince Harry – she assured that at birth, his son Archie could receive the title of Earl of the town of Dumbarton in Scotland. Harry was pleasantly surprised and agreed. But not for long.

A little later, the prince realized that in American English, the word dumd means “dumbass.”

In the United States, Archie would have been called “Count Dumb” right away, so Harry refused. As you can see, 95-year-old Elizabeth II still has not lost her sense of humor.