Queen Elizabeth II Voided One Royal Tradition Meghan Markle Would Have Benefitted From

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle

Queen Elizabeth II could have prevented the fake pregnancy rumors surrounding Meghan Markle. But her decision to abolish the royal custom also saved all royal mothers under her reign.

Meghan recently gave birth to her daughter, Lili. Unlike her first pregnancy, she enjoyed smooth delivery as no one ever accused her of faking her second motherhood journey.

This would have happened sooner if Queen Elizabeth II never abolished birth verification.

According to Express UK, the monarchy originally followed a major royal protocol for all the births within the family.

It all started in 1688 when King James II’s wife, Mary of Modena, was pregnant.

During that time, rumors about her not really pregnant emerged. People suggested that the King’s wife was faking it to continue ruling the monarchy.

But to avoid further allegations, the monarch invited 42 different individuals to witness the birth of James Francis Edward personally at St. James’ Palace.

Professor Mary Fissell then referred to it as the first media circus to ever cover a royal birth.

Despite applying the system, rumors unceasingly arrived. Some claimed that the baby was sent into the bed through a warming pan, while others noted someone sneaked the child into the bed through a secret door.

Nothing was ever proven true. But the buzzes’ effect caused the baby to never succeed in his father’s throne. In addition, James Francis Edward never became king as Glorious Revolution started in the same year of his birth.

Following that incident, the government adapted it to verify royal births. However, Queen Elizabeth II herself removed the custom before she gave birth to Prince Charles in 1948.

Her Majesty did so in pursuit of bringing privacy and decency to royal mothers.

If she never removed the birth verification, it could have saved Meghan from the fake pregnancy rumors she suffered from.

Before welcoming baby Archie in 2019, royal watchers theorized that the Duchess of Sussex used a tactic to make people believe she was pregnant.

Netizens noted that she might have used an inflator hump since her tummy kept on enlarging and shrinking in multiple incidents. She was also able to bend over and ran freely when she was eight months pregnant.

This stirred rumors that she used a surrogate mother who could give birth to Archie.