How to declutter a room in 10 minutes or less

Scheduling time into your busy schedule to tackle the mess, clutter and debris that has accumulated around your home can be intimidating, especially if you’ve estimated that you’ll need a few hours to get through the entire house.

 A more achievable goal is to do one room at a time, and if you’ve got ten minutes to spare, you can declutter a room in 10 minutes or less today.

This is our definitive list of things you should throw away today to make your home cleaner and clutter-free tomorrow. Now, grab a garbage bag and go!

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In the living room:

  • Old photos and frames that aren’t relevant, are poor quality, or have seen better days
  • Holiday trinkets that might be lying around but don’t really work in the space anymore
  • Homewares and accessories that make more of a mess than a style statement
  • Board games with missing pieces or that no one plays
  • Anything broken, chipped, or worn out
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In the kitchen:

  • Tupperware and containers missing their lids
  • Appliances that are unused, broken, or don’t work properly
  • Food past the expiration date
  • Chipped, stained, or old mugs
  • Non-stick pots and pans with worn out coatings
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In the bedroom:

  • Excess pillows, or pillows that are too soft or lumpy
  • Clothing and shoes that don’t fit or are in terrible condition
  • Gifts you’ve been given that you don’t want, like, or use
  • Bedding that is old, stained, worn out, or doesn’t fit your bed.
  • Gloves and socks missing their mates
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In the bathroom:

  • Medications, toiletries, and cosmetics past their expiration date
  • Makeup in colors you’ll never use
  • Travel-sized toiletries and cosmetics that you don’t use
  • Products you’ve tried, tested, and didn’t like but kept because you paid for them
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The bits and bobs hanging around:

  • Old newspapers and magazines
  • Old receipts
  • Keys that have no locks or no use