Famous Fashion Icons who inspire us the most!

Famous Fashion Icons who inspire us allIt is usually observed that females are more fashion conscious than men. They tend to follow day to day fashion and update their wardrobe accordingly. But nowadays there is no difference left behind. Men and women both are well aware of their own sense of style. Men tend to look good, combinations and cuts have become essential in their dressing. Generally both men and women follow their Famous fashion icons recognized around the world. Let’s take a look at few fashion icons who are famous at bring out their own fashion statements and trends.


A well known brand that is famous all around the world. Coco Chanel in person is a fashion icon for women. They follow the style and fashionable outfits of the designer. Coco Chanel trained women to dress up in such way that they look good as well as pleasing to the eye. The string of white pearls she launched has made a mark in popularity. People refer to Coco Chanel with it. Elegance is present in all her creations, the ‘tweed jacket’ and the ‘black dress’ brings a style and well-designed look in a persons personality. The brand Coco Chanel is among the pioneers who launched trousers for women one only men wore them.


Giorgio Armani is also one of the well-known names of the fashion industry. He has made himself a Fashion icon in the Hollywood. The film stars demand dresses under his label whenever they want to look stunning and glamorous on the red carpet. He is popular for his formal dressing and suiting for men as they are elegant and graceful. Following the healthy lifestyles of people he also initiated his own sportswear. Now Armani has also got into designing interiors i.e. he has designed the interiors of his own hotel in Dubai.


Johnny Depp, famous hollywood star, is also a fashion icon within himself. He is an allure for both men and women. Along with his outclass performance on screen, his dressing is also extraordinary. The combination he uses in his dressing is also amazing. He is considered to be a fashion icon among men. The accessories he uses reflect the bohemian and turban styles. His versatile ways of dressing up makes him remarkable among men.


Sara Jessica Parker, another famous name from the “Sex in the City”. Sara is considered among the famous fashion icons who show no fear matching the vintage and haute couture fashion. Her over all look is enhanced by the flawless pair of designer shoes. Her clothing reflects her up-to-date following of trends.

All these famous personalities become fashion icons for people and they follow their sense of style in order to stay trendy and fashionable.

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