The Best Fashion Brands Forever

The Best Fashion Brands ForeverA large number of fashion brands have evolved all around the world over a century. They produce state of the art fashion products and set new trends with the changing seasons and times. These fashion brands mainly cater the elite class that has become even more conscious about fashion and style. They are mostly expensive because they sell exclusive products and have provided their customers with a complete life style that revolves around the style that comes with grace and luxury.

From clothes to shoes, watches, belts, jewelry, fragrances and a lot other accessories, these fashion brands have enslaved the worldwide public with the charm and luxury that they sell with their products. The people who buy branded products not just buy the product but they also pay the price for the lavishness that comes with the names of these brands. They feel pride in wearing these fashion brands.

We have gathered a list of the best fashion brands 2011 that have made their mark over decades in the world of fashion.


On top of the list of best fashion brands 2011 is the famous Italian fashion house that produces state of the art leather goods and accessories. It is famous for its handbags and wallets among women all around the world.


It is a British luxury fashion house and is among best fashion brands 2011 that manufactures clothing, fragrances, and other fashion accessories. It is famous for its iconic trench coats and has introduced different brands for its clothing line and accessories. It is also admired for the trademarked check pattern on its products.


It is a French fashion house and is another fashion brand 2011 that specializes in luxury goods like haute couture, ready-to-wear, handbags, perfumery, and cosmetics are to just to name a few. They have always specialized in simple suits, dresses, women’s pants and costume jewelry. Today it is most famous for its “little black dress” which is most admired among women of the time.


Also referred to as Dior, is a famous French company and is famous for its exclusive haute couture, ready-to-wear fashion, menswear and accessories.


It is another fashion brand 2011 Italian high fashion house producing state of the art leather and luxury products and is best known for its “baguette” handbags. It started off as a fur and lesther shop in Rome, but it now it produces fragrances, eyewear, timepieces and writing instruments other than leather goods.


It is famous French high fashion house founded in 1837. It has made its place among the best fashion brands 2011. It is also known for its famous logo of Duc carriage with a horse. It specializes in leather, scarves, ties, menswear, women’s fashion, perfume, watches, stationery, footwear, gloves, enamel, decorative arts, tableware, and jewelry.


Admired as a status symbol for many, this Italian fashion label is known for the luxury goods, i.e. ready-to-wear, leather accessories, shoes, luggage and hats.

The best fashion brands 2011 have made their mark around the world and are making billions of dollars annually out of their creative and state of the art exclusive product ranges. Each one of them is operating internationally and is admired as a style icon.

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