Top Fashion Brands for Women

Top Fashion Brands for WomanThe love for fashion is irresistible. Fashion followers take pride in adorning their wardrobes with the expensive and luxuries collections from top fashion brands. When it comes to top fashion brands, women spend a considerable amount of time and money to embellish their appearances and style with the exquisite ranges.

Following are the top fashion brands for women that are currently leading the luxurious fashion industry. The grand fashion brands are a sign of immediate recognition, as they are popular among the fashion enthusiasts across the globe.


One of the most prominent and top fashion brands for women is known for its elite designer products encompassing the true style of femininity along with exceptional style. The products from the stable of one of the most recognized fashion brands, Gucci, include handbags, designer shoes cosmetics, sports articles, jewelry, eyeglasses and other such fashion wear.


Chanel means the elite. Being one of the top fashion brands for women, Chanel has revolutionized the persona of woman by its luxurious range of designer products targeting the trendier crowd. Chanel is considered as the status symbol for the elite class.


The Italian brand holds place among the top fashion brands for women for its distinguished style of elegance and simplicity. Known as the most expensive and top fashion brands for women, Prada offered a variety in designer clothing, perfumes and handbags. This brand is the best combination of comfort and confidence.


Armani is a top name among the fashion brands especially in clothing line. With their fashionable collection, Armani is the top player among fashion brands for young professionals and trendy teenagers.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is also one of the top fashion brands for women due to its vibrant and colorful designer collections. Apart from expensive clothing range, Marc Jacobs has established its name in the leading fashion brands with its exquisitely designed jewelry, handbags and shoes.


Dior is considered as the strong name in the top fashion brands for women for its elegant ladies’ couture. This brand is a true ambassador of glamour, prestige and style. Besides clothing collection, Dior has been known among the classy fashion brands for its quality sunglasses, skin care and fragrance lines.

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