8 WTF Moments at Miami Fashion Week

Miami Fashion WeekFor fashion designers, there is no winning or losing — only moments in style.  Sometimes, they’re bravo moments, followed by a standing ovation. But, sadly, sometimes they’re WTF moments that bomb the runways. And during last Miami Fashion Week, the WTF moments were anything but pardoned from the international smorgasbord of fashion shows.

Cultist was there to absorb all the juicy mess-ups. Here are the top ten WTF moments during Miami Fashion. But before we continue, it’s important to note: These designers aren’t bad people. They just made some bad decisions, and really should consider firing their stylists.

8. Maliparmi

Maliparmi Collection

As far as technicality goes, this collection boasting practical resort wear couldn’t have been more perfect. There was a breezy air about it. Unfortunately, the air turned into a violent wind upon the sight of this scarecrow top hat. Hasn’t Pharrell received enough flack from this kind of stunt? And those pompoms certainly don’t remedy this Vivienne Westwood look-a-like either. Give it a rest already.

7. Stella Jean

Stella Jean Collection

Unlike our other contenders topping this outrageous list of tragic fails, this moment had us saying WTF because of how much we loved it. Seriously, how crazy good is this retro-inspired collection by Haitian-Italian designer Stella Jean? WTF — how the hell do those prints work so well together? And that gargantuous head wrap with that ridiculously huge pendulum necklace – blimey, it’s fucking awesome! It’s that kind of moment.

6. Cosecha

Cosecha Collection

The Argentine brand Cosecha displayed a decent collection of heavenly crochet pieces all hailing from the kingdom of white. Were the lily-pad headbands that accompanied every look down the encircled runway a bit of an overkill? Sure they were. But perhaps the biggest perpetrator was the finale look mirroring the likes of one soggy banana tree. Correction: it’s not what the fuck, it’s why the fuck?

5. Cuarto Colorado

Cuarto Colorado Collection

Doesn’t Cuarto Colorado know it’s bad luck to open an umbrella indoors? Guess not. Individually, the pieces could have been something great. The printed nylon jackets had just the right amount of swag swing to them and once you got past the whole too-busy-of-a-print-to-be-on-an-umbrella shock, the umbrellas weren’t half bad either. But when paired all together, the combo brought out only the fiercest of migraines. And to top off the matchy-matchy assembles of screaming prints, matching rain boots were thrown into the mix. It was like a really bad JC Penny commercial brought to life. Make it stop.

4. Andres Sarda

Andres Sarda Collection

His line oozed all sorts of sex: classy sex, raunchy sex, wild sex, Vegas sex – you name it. The collection ranged from deep pink and pine green fringed bralettes with matching high-waisted bloomers, to the most delicate laces exulting a very Mademoiselle Provocateur sensuality. It was glorious. What wasn’t glorious, however, were the Big Bird leg warmers that puffed up on the models’ otherwise skinny legs (they come in black and a jarring pink). There’s no doubt that Vegas Show Girls was the theme of this burlesque runway show, but since when did Sesame Street have anything to do with that?

3. Trouble in Pop-up Shop Paradise

Trouble in Pop-up Shop Paradise

In between shows, we had the opportunity to meander through the countless pop-up shops that permeated the premises of the Miami Beach Convention Center. While coasting, we came across one particular pop-up shop (whose name remains classified) with some unsightly looking gowns to which spoke wonders of acid trips and better days at Woodstock ’69. Rummaging through the gowns that were splattered with tie-dye paints of oranges, yellows, and aquas could only be summarized with one solid phrase – What.The.Fuck?

2. Claudia Bertolero

Claudia Bertolero Collection

The wide brimmed hats were the unfortunate bystander-turned-accessory of this crime scene. All we could think about while this look came down the runway was “bee-keeper, bee-keeper, bee-keeper.” Sadly, there was no jar of honey in tow of this stinging look by Claudia Bertolero. We felt betrayed.

1. Petit Pois by Viviana G

Viviana G Collection

Though the Viviana G. show finished with the perfect amount of slutty chic, matching its models’ draggy, Marie-Antoinette hair and makeup, it didn’t start out that way. Styling above the neck read RuPaul’s Drag Race fabulosity, but the clothes themselves seemed to scold, “Quiet, this is a library for crissakes.” (Luckily, the show progressively spiced up midway.)

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