Gaga, with all her incarnations!

Lady Gaga Fashion IconLady Gaga is the newest addition to the roster of fashion icons like Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Iman, Kate Moss and many others to receive the CFDA Fashion Icon Award, but the question is does she really fit into the list!

Gaga is certainly not as influential as Parker nor is she an epitome of creative beauty like Kidman, obviously no feminine soul would want to wrap herself in raw meat or would want to walk the street in ripped fishnet worn over thongs panties, when it’s almost freezing outside.

She may not be what you call feminine beauty, or a piece of elegant delicacy, but she certainly is a piece of grand artistry, which breaks the monotony of red carpet glamour. Her style doesn’t inspire the wardrobes of others, but everyone wants to look at her or anticipate about what Gaga is wearing tonight! She may not have the power to move and sell fashion merchandise as Kate Moss but she does have the guts to stand alone in her freakishness, functioning successful and raw.

What makes her a fashion icon is her limitless confidence to appear anything but boring! No one can deny that her style is eccentrically her own, when she wears a T-bone steak as a dress or show up at a basketball game in nothing but a bra and knickers. Her brand of fashion requires guts and unbelievable self-confidence. Her fashion style is more of a mystery then fashion! No one can guess the face behind the crazy mask of hair and makeup and outlandish getups.

What makes Gaga exceptionally a fashion icon is her free-as-a-bird-soul, her freedom of being able to choose who or what you want to be! Gaga, with all her faces and incarnations is certainly a novel of literature, brimming with several different characters and several different faces; she seems to be a wonderer in search of her true reality her true self.

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