Look More Sophisticated In These Classy Active Wears

Not so long ago gym wear consisted of plain, boring, and unflattering outfits that lacked inspiration and failed in motivating us to work out.

Luckily, nowadays things couldn’t be any more different. The activewear trend has well and truly taken over, and with it has come classy and sophisticated clothing that allows us to look and feel chic even when breaking a sweat.
Striking a pose in the gym

The rise of chic and trendy athleisure labels has enabled women to maintain their sophistication no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Choosing your gym wear is now just as important as picking out your work or party outfits.

Here are our top tips on how to make the treadmill feel like a runway during your next workout session.

  • Sneakers for style and comfort – With activewear labels you no longer need to buy sneakers from the traditional sports brands that favor performance over style. Activewear brands aim to create sneakers that help you run easily, feeling light on your feet without looking untasteful.
  • Fancy but supportive sports bras – For many women, a sports bra that offers maximum support is crucial, however, high impact sports bras tend to lack style. Fortunately, actress Kate Hudson’s activewear label Fabletics has created full-coverage sports bras that are engineered to beat the bounce without compromising on the aesthetics.
  • Stylish and sweatproof running shorts – High-tech quick-drying running shorts give an ultracool light and airy feel reducing sweat and giving a total range of movement. Combined with a high-waisted design and chic pattern, activewear brands take running shorts to a whole new level.
    Finding your most elegant downward dog

With a staggering 37 million people practicing yoga in the US, new designs of chic yoga pants are continuously hitting the shelves. The demand for leggings has become so huge that the item has become a style icon not just for your yoga mat, but for various everyday situations including brunch with the girls.

Here are our guidelines on how to find the most exclusive yoga pants and stand out from the crowd.

  • Elegant and unique patterns and prints – Yoga pants come in all patterns and colors but some certainly look more elegant than others. Low-end high street shops may not sell leggings that look and feel superior but activewear brands specialize in exactly that.
  • Sophisticated and functional design – It’s vital that your activewear supports your shape and makes you feel good about yourself. Fabletics specially engineer their leggings with warp knit technology to sculpt and support your form. This includes strategically placed ventilation to prevent sweat marks and a flattering fit to hide your imperfections.
  • Class and comfort combined – No one wants to squeeze their way into uncomfortable lycra pants that cause itching and limit movement. Thankfully new activewear leggings offer a comfortable all-way stretch and promise chafe resistance.

As you can see, with the ever-growing demand for classy gym apparel, boring, baggy sports vests and unflattening running shorts are a thing of the past.

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