10 Women’s Fashion Trends Guys Hate

women hot styleThere are so many women’s fashion trends that women love to wear and men love to look at. Stiletto heels, little black dresses and skinny jeans are just a few styles that men have no problem seeing their girlfriend in. For other styles, though, ladies and gentlemen just have to agree to disagree.

There are some style pieces that women love because they’re so darn comfy and others because they’re cute, fun and stylish. A lot of men don’t appreciate these items, though. Take a look at the top ten fashion trends that women love but men just don’t get.

10) Peplums

Short dressPeplums are that extra piece of fabric on a shirt, dress, or skirt that cinches in at the waist and ruffles out. They came into modern fashion a few years ago, and women love how they emphasize the smallest part of their waists and then flow over the problem areas on the belly. The style accentuates your waist to hip ratio, which worldwide, is one of the most important parts of a woman’s physical beauty.

Although men covet women with waists that are noticeably thinner than their hips, peplums aren’t the way to garner positive attention from your menfolk. Some men think the ruffled peplum looks silly and childish, while others think the way it flows over your lower stomach makes it look like an article of maternity clothing. So, keep wearing your peplums, ladies, but do it for yourself and your girlfriends, not to impress your guy.

9) Ugg Boots

Lea MicheleGlee star Lea Michele looks comfy and cute for a day of shopping in an over-sized sweater, jeans and Ugg boots. Many men would disagree however, simply because of her footwear. Woman like Michele love wearing Uggs because they’re just so darn comfy. They pair well with leggings, jeans or sweatpants, for a day when you want to keep your toes toasty and have a guarantee that your feet won’t end up with blisters.

However, a lot of men think women should find another way to keep their feet comfy. Fur-filled Uggs make even the most petite feet look large. For even more men, women Uggs look like they forgot to change out their slippers before they left the house!

8) Harem Pants

Harem Pants for womenLike Uggs, harem pants are popular among women because they’re trendy and extremely comfortable. The pants are baggy around the seat, and thighs and become tighter from the knee down, giving the wearer a unique silhouette. A classic black pair like the ones above are perfect for a comfy day at the office, and more colorful or patterned pants can be worn for a relaxing day out.

Men don’t find the pants’ unconventional shape flattering, however. At best, guys bemoan the way these pants do nothing for a lady’s rear end, and at worst, they compare this look to a full diaper. Don’t send these pants to the thrift store just because of the male mindset, but you might want to skip over them when choosing an outfit for a first date!

7) Rompers

day outfits for womenA romper is a perfect day outfit for women like Audrina Patridge, who wore this floral button-down one for an afternoon of window shopping. The romper is comfy like a sundress, but the shorts cause less worry for windy days or sitting in the grass. Plus, you don’t have to worry about what top should go with what bottoms – because it’s all one piece!

Men aren’t as into the trend as celebrities like Patridge are, however. The cross between overalls and a dress is just too strange for a lot of dudes to wrap their heads around. And, to many, the outfit looks like a onesie that’s meant for a baby.

6) Acrylic Nails

rihanna nail artThere are so many upsides to getting acrylic nails, rather than painting your own. Natural nails are brittle and difficult to grow long, and nail polish chips off within days. Plus, acrylic nails come in so many fun colors and designs – just check out Rihanna’s smiley face nails pictured above!

The truth is that men don’t really pay attention to women’s nails, but when they do, they’re more turned off by long, fake nails than un-manicured ones. Acrylic nails are so obviously fake that guys just think they’re ridiculous, and extremely long ones remind them of scary claws.

5) Bright Lipstick

Taylor Swift lipsBright, bold colored lipsticks have always been a staple in women’s makeup collections to wear for a night out. They’re fun, they make a statement and they can turn any look from ordinary to high fashion. Taylor Swift’s signature red lip is just one example of a beautiful woman who loves her lipstick.

It’s not the actual look that men hate about bright lipstick, but how it ends up everywhere when you’re wearing it. It’ll rub off on your food, the rim of the glass you’re drinking out of, but worst of all, your date’s face. If you’re planning on getting some lip action, forgo the lipstick. All men can think of is how it’s going to get all over their face and their collar.

4) Strapless Tops

bustier topsStrapless tops are great for the summertime to feel the sun and the breeze on your shoulders and back, and to make your look a little more sexy. In the form of shirts, dresses and even rompers, nothing feels better than going strapless.

But does it always look better? Most men say no. The majority of ladies need a complete bra (straps included) to keep their bust in place. In a strapless top, men find that they look flat or even saggy. What’s more, most men don’t understand why women wear strapless tops and then spend the whole day tugging at them to keep them up.

3) Wedges

women funky shoesEvery woman knows that wedges are the comfiest form of heels. They pair well with jeans, shorts and sundresses, and give you that extra height and bounce in your step without having to worry about getting your stiletto stuck in the grass.

Although women always compliment each other’s adorable wedges, men just don’t think they’re that cute. Like Uggs, guys think wedges make your feet look big and clunky. “It looks like she strapped blocks of wood to her feet”, is actually the general sentiment from the male population. So ladies, stick to pumps or flats if your trying to impress a guy with your footwear.

2) Retro Bikinis

old bikini fashionEver since Taylor Swift wore her red, polka-dot, retro bikini last year, everyone wants the look. The fun designs and high-waisted bottoms make these swimsuits cute and vintage, while offering more coverage and security than modern two pieces.

Men aren’t so excited to be thrown back to the 40s, though. Although a lot of women like the tummy control a high-waisted bottom offers, men wonder what exactly they’re hiding. Instead of reminding them of the iconic beach scene from The Notebook, this type of suit only makes them think of granny panties, or even worse, a diaper.

1) High-Waisted Pants

high-waisted jeansSpeaking of high-waisted bottoms, they’re back in style in the form of pants, jeans and shorts, as well. This 80s and 90s look has made a comeback in the past year, and women are pairing their higher waisted bottoms with crop tops, tucked-in tees and cute cardigans. There are so many advantages of high-waisted pants besides being on-trend, including nixing your muffin top and never having to worry about your undies showing when you sit down or bend over.

Although women flock to it, there’s something about the high-waisted pant that men just can’t stand. For the past decade, this look was referred to as a “mom jean,” and guys aren’t quick to forget that label. Plus, men don’t find high waists flattering to a woman’s behind. You might impress your girlfriends with a new pair of jorts, but don’t expect your dude to go gaga over it.


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