Alec Baldwin Gossip: Hilaria, Friends Fear For His Mental Health After Instagram Rant And Recent Interviews

Alec Baldwin is still suffering after accidentally killing Haylna Hutchins on the set of Rust in October. Is Hilaria Baldwin concerned for his well-being? Gossip Cop investigates.

According to Star, Alec is wary and a wreck. After handing his cellphone to investigators earlier this month, he’s been increasingly agitated. A video posted on his Instagram saw him ranting about the phone, Splenda, and the late Sidney Poitier. It’s as if he’s hanging on by a thread, the outlet notes.

Sources say Hilaria and his friends are concerned for Alec’s physical and mental health. “The guy’s in fight mode like never before but he’s destroying himself,” an insider says. Alec apparently leaves meetings with lawyers ranting as well. The source adds, “His diet’s terrible and he’s barely slept in months.” Even though he’s going down a bad road, Alec supposedly refuses to get any help.

First of all, Hilaria is not going to spill how she feels to a crummy tabloid like this. Neither she nor Alec Baldwin’s real friends would ever say a word of fear to Star of all places. Considering these so-called sources apparently know details like Alec’s sleep schedule and diet, this story is fairly unbelievable.

The video in question is still on Alec’s Instagram, so you can watch it for yourself. It’s not quite as looney as the tabloid makes it out to be. The Splenda packet is brought up because it contained well wishes from a fan, and Poitier is brought up because he was only on the cover of the New York Daily News and not the New York Post.

It’s a stream of consciousness video that’s very common from the Baldwin family. Admittedly, the video is a little distressing, but Baldwin’s social media usage was shady well before the Rust tragedy. The Glengarry Glen Ross star just posted a new video with his children, so he’s not totally off his rocker or anything. Furthermore, he’s still processing a traumatic event.

This tabloid should just let the man work through his process without grading every social media post. Hilaria posted a similar joyous video to her Instagram as well. She’s had her husband’s back since everything began. The Baldwins constantly post videos, some strange and some not. Star is treating this Instagram video as a cry for help, but it’s nothing especially out of the ordinary for the family.

This tabloid has it out for the Baldwins. In November, it claimed Alec and Hilaria’s marriage was strained because of Halyna Hutchins’ death. She’s backed him to the hilt through this entire process, so that was obviously false. Stories about a Baldwin divorce are a dime a dozen, yet they’re still together.

Tabloids have relentlessly attacked Baldwin in the wake of Hutchins’ death, with many calling him worn down and in hell. For all the stress of his situation, Alec’s domestic life still appears idyllic.

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